Tantangan Mendidik Generasi Milenial Muslim di Era Revolusi Industri 4.0

  • Sofia Gussevi STAI DR. KHEZ. Muttaqien Purwakarta
  • Nur Aeni Muhfi STAI DR. KHEZ. Muttaqien Purwakarta


Industrial Revolution 4.0 is how technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet affect human life. Technology, especially the internet, has many positive impacts but can also harm its users if they are "not smart" in using it, including in educational matters. The family has an extensive function, and everything is related. For example, in the religious part, in this function, the family has a role in providing spiritual experience and education to family members, how the family teaches values ​​that are in line with Islamic teachings to be used as an attitude of life. The family also has an educational function, as interaction within the family sphere, parents can educate and guide their children well, in other words, parental role models become strategic education in directing children's attitudes because good behavior exemplified by parents will become the measure for a child in doing good. Education in the family should be oriented towards the future, meaning that the education provided by parents to their children is more for practical preparations so that the child can face the era he will experience in the future, as stated in the hadith: "Know that your children will be in the future. will experience a different age from the present." Often parents compare their lives in the past to make a "standard of values" that must be applied to their children, even though the Prophet warned about this in the hadith. Technology, especially the internet, which is increasingly advanced in today's era, is one of the challenges in educating the Muslim millennial generation. It is hoped that the inculcation of values ​​in the Qur'an will be able to overcome these challenges. Equipping children with the cultivation of religious values ​​from an early age, it is hoped that technology will not affect the Muslim millennial generation, but on the contrary, the Muslim millennial generation can subdue and utilize technology.

Jan 23, 2021
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