Peer Review Process

Manuscripts accepted at Paedagogie: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Studi Islam iwill be reviewed by at least two reviewers with double-blind peer-reviewed journal, plus editorial comments. The author must revise the manuscript according to the statements of the reviewers and editors. The editorial team will process it for later publication. The peer review process can be described separately, as shown below:

  1. Submission of Paper: The author submits the paper online through the Open Journal System (OJS). The submitted manuscript is checked by the editor for scope, style, and plagiarism.

  2. Editorial Office Assessment: The editor assesses the paper's suitability for the journal, ensuring it aligns with the focus and scope. They also check if the paper meets the journal's guidelines and evaluate its quality. Plagiarism is checked using Turnitin.

  3. Appraisal by the Editor-in-Chief: The Editor-in-Chief determines if the paper is appropriate, original, interesting, and significant for publication. If not, the paper may be rejected at this stage.

  4. Invitation to Reviewers: The handling editor invites suitable reviewers based on their expertise and research interests. Reviewers are chosen impartially, and their identities remain anonymous to the authors.

  5. Response to Invitations: Potential reviewers consider the invitation, their expertise, conflicts of interest, and availability. They accept or decline the invitation. If declined, the editor may ask for an alternative reviewer suggestion.

  6. Review is Conducted: Reviewers read the paper multiple times, forming initial impressions and providing detailed point-by-point reviews. They make a recommendation to accept, reject, or request revisions.

  7. Journal Evaluates the Reviews: The Editor-in-Chief and handling editor consider all the reviews, and if there are differing opinions, additional reviewers may be invited for an extra opinion.

  8. The Decision is Communicated: The editor sends a decision email to the author, including relevant reviewer comments. Reviewer comments are sent anonymously. Reviewers are informed of the outcome.

  9. Final Steps: If accepted, the paper undergoes copy-editing. If rejected or revisions are requested, the handling editor provides constructive comments from the reviewers to help the author improve the paper. The author revises the paper accordingly and resubmits it. Once the editor is satisfied with the revisions, the paper is considered accepted and published online.

Peer review assists the editor in making editorial decisions and helps authors improve their papers through feedback and suggestions.