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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): Book Preceeding: The 6 th International Conference on Islam and Civilization (ICONIC) 2021
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The 6 th International Conference Series On Islamic And Civilization (ICONIC) with the theme “Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia: Strengthening the Humanitarian Character of Muslims Based on Local Wisdom Post-Covid-19” is an international open scientific activity to examine religious behavior that characterizes each region in two countries; Malaysia and Indonesia. Islamic civilization continues to experience changes after changes which are marked by changes in time and place. Geographical location affects what and how they understand and adapt to their environment (anthropology). Civilization is a product of understanding, analysis, and behavior of a person who becomes a habit. This behavior goes on and on and becomes a certain character. The product of the character of the Islamic community from the time of the Prophet until now is a civilization that continues to grow. The presenters and writers at this international conference were able to discuss and find scientific products related to Islamic civilization which include: 1) Islamic philanthropy in empowering da'wah, 2) Islamic spirituality and local wisdom in dealing with open media, 3) Developing models of future teacher education in multicultural society, 4) Advancing local wisdom on millennial Muslim behavior in global competition, 5) Business Dynamics and Prospects of Islamic Family Resilience, and 6) Delays in the development of Islamic humanism and gender relations. Everything is presented with strict scientific procedures and gives the color of a new civilization as a product of a comprehensive Islamic treasure.  

Published: 2021-11-20


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