Analysis of Dakwah Messages and Anti-Violence Messages Against Women in Muyassarotul Hafidzoh's Novel "Hilda"


  • Rina STAI DR KH EZ Muttaqien Purwakarta, Indonesia
  • Rohendi Rohendi STAI DR.KH.EZ.Muttaqien Purwakarta, Indonesia
  • AD Kusumaningtyas STAI DR.KH.EZ.Muttaqien Purwakarta, Indonesia


Bil-Qalam Da'wah, Novel, Message of Da'wah, Message of Anti-Violence Against Women


Da'wah is an activity to call people to the way of Allah SWT. Da'wah can be done in various ways, one of which is using written media. Da'wah with this written media is called da'wah bil qalam. Da'wah bil qalam, one of them can be done by writing a literary work such as a novel. Novel literature is one type of writing that can be used as an effective propaganda medium, one of the exciting novels to analyze is "Hilda" by Muyassarotul Hafidzoh. "Hilda" is a novel that raises the issue of violence against women with a pesantren background. This novel tells about a girl named Hilda who is a victim of sexual violence (read: rape) who struggles with various discriminations and stereotypes from her environment, which is none other than the victim. Not to mention that the terrible incident made Hilda experienced a trauma that is difficult to heal. This study aims to find the message of anti-violence against women and da'wah's message in the novel. The type of research used by the researcher is library research, and also uses Gadamer's hermeneutics as an analytical knife and a procedure in interpretation, namely the theory of compelling history (historical-effective) and horizon assimilation (fusion of horizons). In the results of the novel "Hilda" analysis, the researchers found 5 points of anti-violence messages against women and five messages of da'wah contained in the novel. The messages against violence against women in the novel include: (1) Do not Equate Rape with Adultery, (2) The Degrees of Women and Men Are Equal, (3) Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, (4) Justice for Women, (5 ) Glorifying Women. While the da'wah messages in the novel include: (1) Prohibition of Prostitution of Female Slaves, (2) Honoring Women by Lowering Their Views, (3) Behaving Well Towards Women Is Noble Morals, (4) Behaving Fairly to Wives with Monogamy, (5) Wives Like a field that must be guarded and cared for.




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