Religion and Tradition: Overview of Culture and Islamic Acculturation in The Ciptagelar Society


  • Azry Arvah Hidayat Universitas Negeri Jakarta Indonesia
  • Muhamad Ridwan Effendi Universitas Negeri Jakarta Indonesia
  • Ahmad Hakam Universitas Negeri Jakarta Indonesia


Acculturation, Culture, Religion, Ciptagelar


Cultural teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation to the Ciptagelar community have become a principle in the community's life. The teachings conveyed by the ancestors are also still guarded by the village community Ciptagelar even when Islamic teachings have entered and adapted during a society that is thick with traditional systems and local cultural wisdom. Certain Islamic teachings that can adapt to socio-cultural conditions provide a positive image for the two religious variables with interrelated cultures. This study aims to determine the process of entry and acculturation and what influences Islam in the Sunda Wiwitan belief of the Ciptagelar community. This research applies the field study method and is supported by a literature study with a qualitative descriptive approach. Researchers. Then the literature is processed and analyzed according to research needs. The theoretical basis used is the theory of Religion, Acculturation and Culture in Islam. Furthermore, a theory used Mithe theory from E.B. Taylor. Based on the data analysis that has been done, it is concluded that there is a significant change in terms  of the beliefs of the Ciptagelar Community and the acculturation process  between Islamic teachings  and the Local  Culture of the Ciptagelar Community, such as the existence of traditional rituals given an Islamic style, namely Sedekah Mulud, Sedekah Ruwah, Beberes Bengkong, Boboran Saum, as well as Boboran Haji.  This tradition or ritual emerged when Islam developed in the Ciptagelar Society and is still being carried out today. Even since Islam entered and developed in Ciptagelar, Islam has become the majority religion. However, there are still people who believe in Sunda Wiwitan teachings.




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