Short Film Representation of CAP CIP TOP as a Da'wah Media (Ferdinand de Saussure's Semiotic Analysis)


  • AD. Kusumaningtyas STAI DR.KH.EZ.Muttaqien Purwakarta, Indonesia
  • Sukhrotun Nisa STAI DR KH EZ Muttaqien Purwakarta, Indonesia
  • Erfian Syah STAI DR.KH.EZ.Muttaqien Purwakarta, Indonesia


Message of Da'wah, Short Film CAP CIP TOP, Media


Film is a very powerful da'wah media to convey one of the da'wah messages to the audience and is very possible in conveying Islamic symbols to the wider community. Among them are short films that can be used as a forum for the delivery of Islamic symbols. For this reason, the author conducted a more in-depth study of the short film CAP CIP TOP. This study uses a qualitative method approach, using Ferdinand de Saussure's semiotic analysis. The results of this study indicate that there are messages of aqidah da'wah, among others: Believing in the sustenance that Allah has ordained, Prohibition of associating partners with Allah (Shirk). The message of Islamic da'wah, among others: not to bring other traders together. And da'wah messages related to morals, among others: friendly to buyers, helping others, etiquette for asking for help, greeting others, prohibition of vilifying others, prohibition of being suuzon (prejudiced), prohibition of gossip, prohibition of being arrogant, prohibition of inciting, not obeying the orders of parents who associate partners with Allah, prohibiting lying, being sincere in giving alms, not interfering in other people's affairs, and not committing slander.




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Kusumaningtyas, A., Nisa, S., & Syah, E. (2021). Short Film Representation of CAP CIP TOP as a Da’wah Media (Ferdinand de Saussure’s Semiotic Analysis). Proceeding International Conference on Islam and Civilization (ICONIC), 1(1), 293–299. Retrieved from