The Changing Trend of Islamic Pop Culture in Indonesian Reform Era


  • Firdaus Wajdi Universitas Negeri Jakarta Indonesia
  • Choirul Mahfud Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Indonesia
  • Ika Yunia Fauzia Universitas Hayam Wuruk Perbanas Indonesia


pop culture, Muslim in Indonesia, academic ustadz, muslim artists


Islam in Indonesia can be seen from its adherents’ various expressions, one of which is through the lens of pop culture. This study seeks to update Islamic pop culture examples by using a qualitative approach based on observations in virtual spaces as an alternative space for Muslim expressions that is increasingly popular. The expression of Islam in Indonesia looks significantly growing, including within the context of Pop-Culture. This was initially marked by Muslim intellectuals appearing in public spaces bringing out Islamic themes and topic as well as the increasing popularity of Islamic literatures. This paper shows that there is a changing development in the expression of Islamic pop culture among Indonesian Muslims from colouring the culture to creating the trend and from academics Ustaz to youth artists. This further development shows that Muslim expressions or Islamic expression in Indonesia is highly developed in the perspective of pop culture. In the future, this culture can become one of the identities of Indonesian Muslims who are generally accommodative and moderate in their understanding of  Islam. It is also possible that the Indonesian Islam style of pop culture might develop into an international scope




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Wajdi, F., Mahfud, C., & Yunia Fauzia, I. (2021). The Changing Trend of Islamic Pop Culture in Indonesian Reform Era. Proceeding International Conference on Islam and Civilization (ICONIC), 1(1), 165–169. Retrieved from