Manajemen Konflik dalam Rumah Tangga Isteri yang Bekerja

  • Sofia Gu


This research is motivated by the results of the author's initial observation that the divorce suit by his wife to her husband dominates the divorce case that occurred in the Purwakarta Religious Court. This happens to the majority of wives who work outside the home. In contrast to this, in Perum Citra Permata Sakinah many wives work outside the home such as in government offices, private offices, factories and others who are bound by a fixed time. Although they are bound by a certain time, even wives who work in factories that are bound by three sifts namely morning, afternoon and night shifts, but they do not experience significant problems, let alone to divorce. This study aims to determine the conflicts that occur in the working wife's household and to know the conflict management that is applied in the working wife's household. The method used is a qualitative method. Based on the analysis of the results of the study showed that the forms of conflict that occur in the wife's household who work Perum Citra Permata Sakinah in the form of debate / quarreling and not mutually greeting with a partner. Conflicts that occur in the household are caused partly because of differences of opinion, jealousy of the spouse, the economic situation of the household and external factors: third parties, parents and the environment. Furthermore, conflicts that occur in the household can have negative impacts, including interrupted communication between parties to the conflict, disruption of cooperation in the household, and the emergence of a sense of dissatisfaction in the household. It also can have a positive impact, among others, seeing that conflict is a blessing from Allah SWT, adjusting to the household environment, being more careful in acting later on, and as a step of self-reflection in the household. Furthermore, conflict management applied by working wives is by approaching the background of the conflict, deliberating to find solutions both with partners and involving third parties such as parents, silence introspecting their own mistakes that result in conflict arising, and mutual understanding of the habits of each partner. Thus, the conflict management style applied is collaboration style.

Jun 30, 2020
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